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Battery Services at North City Honda

Have you recently been stuck with a dead battery or is your car difficult to start? At North City Honda in Chicago, we deal with battery failures regularly and know exactly how to service your Honda and get you back on the road with a reliable battery replacement. Experts say you should replace your car battery about every three years, but you could end up needing a replacement sooner. Learn more about your car battery’s lifespan below, and then reach out to our service center with questions!

What to Expect at North City Honda

At North City Honda, you can expect friendly, prompt, and professional service in a comfortable environment. Our professional technicians are here to help you get the best possible service for your Honda, whether it’s a routine battery maintenance, multi-point Inspection, scheduled maintenance such as tire rotations and brake pad replacement, or simply answering your questions. Call us today at 773-974-6166 to schedule an appointment.

Why North City Honda Service?

  • Certified Honda parts
  • Honda certified service technicians
  • Genuine parts and accessories

Why the Battery Wears and Care Tips

A variety of different factors can influence your Honda battery’s lifespan. How much you use your vehicle has an effect and the weather can also play a part. From hot, humid summers to Chicago winters, weather can wear down a battery faster. We may not think this will happen to us, but leaving your headlights on for a long period of time or forgetting to turn off the interior lights can cause the battery to drain, leading you to replace your battery sooner.

It’s important to note that your battery needs attention from time to time. It’s important to test the charge of your battery at least twice a year, check for corrosion and make sure all the connections are clean. If you are finding it difficult to accomplish these things, our mechanics at North City Honda are waiting to help you today!

Complimentary Battery Test

Why do car batteries deteriorate?

There are many reasons that are a car battery can lose its ability to hold a charge, but the most common causes are:

  • Time: Normal time and use cause your battery to wear out over time.
  • Weather: Both extreme cold and heat can cause strain on your car battery. In hot weather, the liquids inside your car battery can evaporate; while cold weather will cause your battery to lose its charge.
  • Road Rumbes: Potholes, off-roading, and other road rumbles can loosen your battery’s hold-down clamps causing the internal battery parts to break down faster.
  • Jump-Starting your Vehicle: Needing to jump-start your vehicle will decrease your battery lifespan. Before exiting your vehicle for the night, make sure the interior lights are shut off.
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How to test a car battery at home?

Our technicians are able to test your car battery for you when you bring your Honda vehicle in for regular maintenance. Schedule an appointment if you want your battery tested between regular maintenance. Otherwise, take a few minutes to run this check at home:

  • Start the engine, turn on the headlights and keep your car in park.
  • Put your foot on the gas to rev the engine and pay attention to the headlights? Do they change in brightness?
  • If the brightness increases when you rev the engine, the battery current isn’t strong enough to support the engine idling and your light levels.
  • If the lights are brightening, take your car to North City Honda to have your vehicle properly assessed.

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Why service at North City Honda in Chicago, IL?

Our technicians at North City Honda are factory-trained, so you know that your vehicle is in good hands. We also offer frequent Honda parts specials and service discounts. When you’re in our waiting area, you can partake in our complimentary refreshments, like coffee and quick snacks. We have Wi-Fi and workstations, so you can get things done while you wait. Our Honda service center even makes it easy to schedule an appointment online.

If you’re looking for battery care or any other kind of routine maintenance, visit North City Honda and we will take good care of your vehicle. We look forward to assisting you!

Battery FAQs

A Honda battery usually costs between $75 to $200, depending on the type of battery your specific model requires. The Honda battery warranty includes free replacement and installation in the first 36 months if the battery is found to be defective.

A 12-volt battery cannot shock you. While batteries are charging, they emit hydrogen gas which is very explosive. For this reason, extreme caution should be used when jump-starting a dead battery. NEVER connect both jumper cables to the battery itself. The positive jumper cable should be connected to the battery and the negative jumper cable connected to a ground on the vehicle away from the battery to reduce the risk of explosion. While changing the battery, wear eye protection and gloves. Avoid contact with any acid that spills from the battery and never attempt to jump start a frozen battery.

There are many signs that you’re due for a North City Honda battery service or replacement. It’s time to schedule service if:

  • Turning over your engine is difficult.
  • Your horn and/or headlights aren’t working properly.
  • You notice a dark, translucent acid beneath your Honda vehicle.
  • Your Honda Battery Warning Light is lit up on your dashboard.
  • You’ve needed several jump starts recently.

Most cars house the battery in the front of the car, near the engine. Some luxury cars will have the battery in the trunk or underneath the seat. However, every car is different and it is best to read your owner’s manual or utilize our technicians at North City Honda.

Every vehicle has a different procedure to change a battery. There are a few things you will need before attempting to change the battery, anti-corrosive spray, hold-down clamps, and a new Honda battery. Changing a car battery can be stressful, difficult and time consuming. We recommend you schedule an appointment with our Honda technicians to ensure the job is done correctly.

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